V Mount Battery Jetpack for FS7

We permanently have this Jetback on one of our FS7 units. For any off shoulder work especially for documentaries and ENG, this setup balances the camera and distributes the weight even with the bigger tele lenses like the HJ 22 and the Canon 70 – 200

The other great feature is that it provides Lemo and USB power output for power servos lenses and other devices like a Zoom field recorder




  • The V mount battery jetpack for FS7 Battery mount offers all the power outputs you’ll ever need in a super compact design.
  • Power connection to your Sony FS7
  • Two powertap outputs (power monitors, lights, etc.)
  •  One USB output (i.e. Redmote, Tascam DR-05, other USB device)
  • One 5v Lemo output (i.e. Zoom, AJA)
  • Two 12v regulated Hirose 4-pin outputs (i.e. HDV Cameras, DSLRs).
  •  One 4-pin XLR power input
  •  Mounting bracket for mounting the Jetpack directly to the back of the Sony FS7 as an alternative to the XDCA-FS7

    The V mount battery jetpack for FS7 

from Core SWX is a power connection option with various power outputs for your Sony FS7 camera. The V-mount bracket enables the JetPack to connect directly to the back of your Sony camera, as an alternative to the XDCA-FS7 extension unit. With the battery mounted the camera becomes more balanced and makes it much easier to do off the shoulder work with longer lenses like the Canon 70-200

Check out this video of how to mount to the FS7


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