Teradek Wireless Monitor System

We don’t even want to think of near misses we’ve had with a tethered setup. The Teradek will literally give you wings! As a DP you’ll have zero stress and can truly get into a run n gun situation all the while seamlessly transmitting a beautiful HD feed to a field monitor like the Small HD DP 7 Pro.

As a Director you’ll have the comfort and luxury to be there and yet be out of the way and look at a frame with no distractions


The Bolt 500 3G-SDI Video Transceiver Set from Teradek includes one Bolt 500 3G-SDI video transmitter and one Bolt 500 3G-SDI video receiver. The combination of these lets you transmit video signals a distance up to 500′. Both transmitter and receiver feature metadata and timecode support, 3D LUTs, dual inputs/outputs, are multicast capable, and offer manual frequency selection and the USB 3.0 GRAB Engine.

The Bolt 500 3G-SDI Video Transmitter from Teradek transmits visually lossless video up to 500′ with no delay. Within the unlicensed 5 GHz channel range, you can use multiple Bolts in one location without any interference. Thanks to built-in cross-conversion supported by every Bolt model, the transmitter supports real-time standards and cross-conversion from receiver to transmitter, allowing you to automatically convert resolution, frame rate, and inputs/outputs (HDMI / 3G-SDI) without any additional hardware. The built-in HDMI to SDI converter allows you to connect both your on-camera monitor and video source via the same device, thereby making Bolt 500 suitable for use with Ronin M and other separately available gimbals.


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