Sony Portable 8.4″ HDTV LCD Monitor

Our solid trusty calibrated field monitor which runs for hours on a V mount battery. Use it in the field or as calibrated display during post production.

Like conventional CRT video displays, the LMD-9050 has full video-look set-up options so that matching monitors can be most easily applied. There are five gamma curve selections, an underscan mode, a blue-gun mode and aspect ratio options.



  • 1024 x 768 Resolution
  • 4:3 (native)/16:9
  • SDI, Component, Y/C and Composite Inputs

The Sony LMD-9050 is a portable 8″ LCD production monitor designed for space efficiency and complete standard video and HDTV production. The unit comes complete with BNC connections for HD-SDI and SD-SDI interface. It will also work in applications with standard definition composite or Y/C video requirements.





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