Sennheiser MKH – 416 | Shotgun Mic

Oh so good we could eat it! This microphone is excellent for any boom work as well as for recording with a parabolic setup or even doing voice overs.

We love our Sennheisers and this one is our fav!



  • Pressure-Gradient Microphone
  • For Film, Radio, Television
  • Highly Immune to Humidity
  • High Consonant Articulation
  • High Feedback Rejection
  • Includes MZ415 Windscreen
  • Hypercardiod at Low and Mid Frequencies
  • Lobar Pattern Above 2 kHz

*Use this Shotgun Mic with our K Tek Boom pole

This 416 is Designed for recording audio in film, radio, and television. It is a short shotgun interference microphone optimised for outdoor applications. It offers excellent directional control in a compact design with high consonant articulation and rejection of feedback. The unit is highly immune to humidity because of its RF condenser design. It operates as a hyper cardioid at low and medium frequencies with a lobar pattern above 2 kHz.


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