Sennheiser Lapel – Wireless Mic

We’ve been using Sennheiser lapels forever and they really do deliver each time with no fuss.

Powered with AA batteries they are less power hungry than some other wireless systems and are built to take a few bumps and even little spills.



  • EK 100 G3 Camera-Mountable Receiver
  • SK 100 G3 Bodypack Transmitter
  • ME 2 Clip-On Lavalier Mic
  • 1680 Tunable Frequencies Across 42 MHz
  • Auto Frequency Scan Finds Open Bands
  • 3 Level Squelch To Block Interference
  • 20 Banks With 12 Channel Presets Each
  • Compander For Clearer Sound
  • Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment

The Sennheiser Lapel is a great Wireless Portable Microphone System is intended for portable wireless operation, such as video and field recording applications. This system includes a camera-mountable receiver, body pack transmitter, and ME 2 lavalier microphone. The SK 100 G3 body pack transmitter and EK 100 G3 receiver synchronise channel and frequency at the touch of a button.

An optional rechargeable battery pack allows you to charge batteries while they remain inside. The receiver includes the CA 2 shoe-mount adapter, for easy installation onto a camera shoe. A backlit display allows for easy operation under dimly lit conditions and its user-friendly menu makes operation quick and easy.


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