Red Head 800W

These lights run hot, but they’ve been a round forever and for good reason. Powerful Tungsten lights with barn doors is sometimes exactly what you need to get that look for your lighting

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  • Redhead 800W Heads
  •  Halogen 3200K Lamps
  • Light Stands

A versatile light, the Red Head 800W is a  focusable hot lights and matching 3200K-balanced lamps along with three light stands, a baby C-clamp, and a custom soft case for protecting the kit during travel or storage.

The Redhead 650/800W lights incorporate a large rear focusing knob that allows seamless switching from a 47° spot to an 87° flood angle, and an included four-way barn door set, along with a rotating adapter, permits further control over the lighting angle and spread. The light is mounted within a manual yoke, with a 5/8″ socket, and has an integrated 13.1′ power cable with inline on/off switch. The light’s housing is also constructed from heat-resistant fibre glass that is both lightweight and durable.

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1x1 LED

Battery operated, AC adapter, Bi Colour


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