Mounting Clamps for GoPro HERO

These Mounting Clamps for the GoPro HERO enables attachment of a HERO action camera to a variety of structures, in particular pipes and tubes. The Clamp has two mount points top and bottom that feature the standard three-prong, thumbscrew-tightened interface used by most GoPro-compatible housings and frames. Having two means you can mount a second camera or another accessory – such as a video light – that uses the same GoPro-type interface.



  • Mount GoPro to Tubes and More
  • Top and Bottom Mounting Positions
  • Opens to 3″ Wide
  • Spring-Loaded Design
  • Mounts to Almost Anything Onstage or Off
  • Articulating Arm with Clamp
  • Capture Footage from Unique Angles
  • Ideal for Instrument Mounting
  • Works with All GoPro HERO Models


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