Panther 150mm Tripod

As heavy duty as they come. We’ve used this big boy for our heaviest rigs, Longest lenses and Portable jib in the extreme conditions.. from the desert to the freezing cold in Ladakh, this tripod head remains solid, smooth and dependable.



  • ¬†Weight: 17 lbs / 7.7 kg
  • Maximum Payload: 99 lbs / 45 kg
  • Fluid Drag: 5 steps + 0
  • Counterbalance: 7 steps (7 positions) + 0
  • Sliding Plate: 100mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 150mm

The T45¬†is Panther’s fluid head for fully outfitted HD and 16mm cameras as well as 35mm cameras. Thanks to its highly adjustable sliding plate proper balance can be maintained even when shooting with heavy lenses. The T45 features 5 step drag 7 step counterbalance and 2 pan bars.





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