SONY HVR Z1 P – For Sale


The Z1 is an entry level HDV camera

In perfect working condition and available for sale

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Blurring the line between consumer and professional video cameras Sony has created the HVR-Z1Ucamcorder. It adheres to the HDV Consortium’s specifications for 1080i recording on popular DV mini cassettes. This camera represents the widest array of professional features within a new standard of miniaturization. The HDV video standard will provide about double the resolution of the old standard DV formats.

In contrast with consumer cameras, this pro model HVR-Z1U offers many special functions that the professional operator will immediately appreciate. Just as an example, the HVR-Z1U will keep track of the hours of operation the camera endures. Another example of the pro camera’s greater abilities is that it records and plays in DVCAM, consumer DV (SP mode), and the HDV formats. You may also use the LCD screen simultaneously with the viewfinder, a function not found in the consumer model.

The design of the camera is aimed directly at the filmmaker, the most modern event video producers and even widescreen news shooters. Because it records in high definition and standard definition modes it can be used in a variety of production scenarios that may change from client to client or evolve over time. It is NTSC and PAL system compatible as well.


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