Drone For Sale | Heavy Lift Octocopter with Spares


We built this drone for our professional projects and it has the best German tech that existed at the time. This is a heavy lift and can easily carry a DSLR with your favourite lens. We used ours with a 5D Mark II and a 16 – 35mm Lens.

This deal includes a Graupner Transmitter, Extra batteries, Video Downlink, Spare Motors and parts

This Heavy Lift Drone is for sale and is not a toy.  Very stable, in perfect working condition and has had less than 70 flights all in. We were only using it for commercial work and have done no ‘Hobby flying’ with it. Best suited for still photography and Hobbyists.

Batteries have been well maintained and still have great output. Flying time with no weight would be 15+ minutes

The only reason to sell is because we’re flying a smaller machine now which is more suited for video.

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Product Highlights

  • Graupner MX 20 HoTT Transmitter
  • Graupner Lipo Charger
  • MK Flight Controller V2
  • MK GPS
  • Navi Control
  • Gimbal – MK Hi sight SLR 2
  • 3 Batteries Vislero 4C 6600 Lipos
  • Spares
  • Accessories
  • Video Downlink
  • Aluminium Travel Box

Spares include

  • 2X Motors
  • 2X Servos for Gimbal
  • 8x pairs EPP1245 propeller
  • Lipo Power Cable
  • Mosfets
  • Heat Sinks with Thermal Glue
  • Screws, Nuts etc

This Heavy Lift Drone is for sale and is not a toy. It is built completely of MK Parts, The Grey Props are APC and in excellent condition.

Has all the bells and whistles MK offer with Return to Home, Position and Alt Hold


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